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Vhcon Mobile Toilet

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Mobile toilets are a convenient and portable solution for outdoor events or construction sites. With a range of models available, mobile toilets can be easily transported and set up in any location. Our mobile toilets are one type of integrated modular build that features durable and easy-to-clean interiors with separate compartments for hygiene purposes. Whether it's for a music festival, sports event, or construction site, our mobile toilets provide a comfortable and convenient option for temporary sanitation needs. 

Features of Mobile Toilet

  • Portable

  • Convenient

  • Comfortable and sanitary for temporary sanitation needs on outdoor events or construction sites

Specification of Mobile Toilet

FeaturesFoot pump flush with hand wash stand inside
Beautiful shape Economic with stable structure
Product dimensionOuter size : 115*115*230cm
Inner size : 112*112*210cm
Door open : 68cm
MaterialCabin roof/Sides/Base : HDPE
CapacityWater tank : 130L
Waste tank : 390L
Toilet TypeSeated or Squat Toilet Pan
Drainage PatternP-Trap,S-Trap
Flushing MethodGravity Flushing
Standard AccessoriesToilet bowl / Foot pumps / Washing basin
Water tap / Mirror / Lock / Ventilation pipe
Skid feet / Gender indicator / In-use sign
Optional AccessoriesUrinals / Shower / Rings
Soap dispenser / Toilet paper roller
Loading Capacity (Assembled)10sets/20GP ; 20sets/40HQ.
Loading Capacity (Disassembled)22sets/20GP ; 52sets/40HQ.
Cleaning Cycle100 Person Flow / 7 Days

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