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Container House Used in Office

VHCON offers you a better way to build your next office. Our container offices offer climate-controlled environments, restrooms, work stations, and electricity. Container office features an upgraded large glass door as well as window. The office showcases some of our standard build out details and finishes with the interior walls, laminate flooring, mini split hvac and container exterior. We work on 100% custom designs. Get started on your new shipping container office, today!

Container House Used in Office

Types of Container House Used in Office

  • One option is to construct a container office as a separate outbuilding. This allows you to have a standalone workspace that is detached from your main facility. It provides a private and quiet environment where you and your team can focus on tasks without interruptions. Additionally, being separate from the main building allows for easy access and flexibility in terms of layout and design.

  • Another option is to extend your current facilities by integrating container offices into your existing structure. This approach offers seamless connectivity between your existing workspace and the new container office. It can be an ideal solution for businesses that require close collaboration between different departments or teams.

  • For those with limited ground space, rooftop container offices provide an innovative solution. By utilizing the space on top of your current building, you can create an elevated and unique workspace.

Gallery of Container House Used in Office

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