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Shipping Container Clinic for Sale

Healthcare facilities are often faced with an urgent need to add offices, clinics, laboratories, or storage space. On the one hand, container houses could be used to build entire hospitals—including emergency rooms, shipping container medical clinics, and specialist and inpatient wards. On the other hand, it is also possible to add a modified shipping container to an existing healthcare building or to add a prefabricated entrance vestibule. Shipping container clinics are suitable for both permanent and relocatable healthcare spaces.

Shipping Container Clinic for Sale

Advantages of Shipping Container Clinic

  • Quality: Since the shipping container medical clinic is built indoors, no building materials will be damaged by the weather. Working in indoor facilities also facilitates precision fabrication, resulting in tighter building envelopes and straighter walls.

  • Speed: Modular construction is much faster than traditional construction because the fabrication of container houses is carried out simultaneously with site preparation and foundation construction.

  • Reduce distractions: Much of the building construction takes place indoors, which means less disruption to traffic and pedestrians around your site. This is especially important for augmenting existing medical facilities, as it means less disruption to the patients using them.

  • Can be relocated: You can choose a portable medical container house. For example, a portable shipping container medical clinic for vaccination or breast cancer screening could serve different rural communities at different times.

Applications Of Shipping Container Medical Clinic

VHCON’s shipping container medical clinics offer a versatile and efficient solution to address various healthcare needs. These portable clinics can be customized to serve multiple purposes, providing essential medical services in diverse settings.

  • Dentistry: These clinics can be equipped with all necessary dental equipment, providing a dedicated space for oral health care. This ensures both preventative and corrective dental care can be delivered effectively, enhancing the quality of life for patients.

  • Isolation Room: In cases of infectious diseases or for immuno-compromised patients, these clinics can serve as isolation rooms. This helps prevent the spread of harmful organisms, safeguarding the health of the wider community.

  • Primary Care: VHCON’s shipping container clinics can be utilized as primary care facilities. Doctors or nurses can provide comprehensive healthcare services, addressing the overall wellbeing of local patients.

  • Maternity Care: With specialized equipment and trained personnel, these clinics can provide essential maternity care. This ensures the health and safety of both mother and child during the critical period before and after childbirth.

  • Telemedicine Suite: Equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems, these clinics can serve as telemedicine suites. This allows for real-time video consultations, providing excellent patient care even in remote locations.

  • Test Center: In situations with a large patient influx, such as during a disease outbreak, these clinics can function as testing centers. This helps manage patient flow and prevents the main medical facility from being overwhelmed.

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / Surgical Suite: For more specialized care, these clinics can be transformed into ICUs or surgical suites. This provides a clean, well-equipped space for invasive operations, enhancing healthcare provision in less-than-ideal environments.

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