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Vhcon Bathroom Modules for Sale

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integrated modular construction
Overview for the Modular Bathroom Pod

Modular bathroom Pods are a prefabricated solution that can be easily transported and installed in various developments, such as hotels, hospitals, and residential buildings. Made of high-quality materials and designed for architectural plans, these units offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site construction methods. Whether as a single pod or a multi-unit configuration, our modular bathroom pod is at low cost and the VHCON integrated modular build manufacturer provides a versatile and customizable option for any project.

Features of Modular Bathroom Pod

  • Efficient

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional on-site construction methods

  • High-quality materials

  • Customizable for various projects

Specification of Modular Toilet Shower Pod

Main parameters
Body5mm grade tempered glass+ explosion-proof film
Backboard5mm grade tempered glass+ explosion-proof film
Frameaviation aluminum alloy
Trayintegrated PVC leakage-proof tray + ceramic tiles
Roofaluminous gusset plate
Doorpush-and-pull door(with lock)
Water-entering pipePPR
Sewage pipePVC
Floor drainodor and blockage prevention
Washing area
Basinceramic integrated basin (countertop size: 500*400mm)
Faucetmain body: copper; surface: chrome plated
Cabinetwooden bathroom cabinet with a toilet paper box on the side
Mirrormirror with wooden cabinet
Towel shelf304 stainless steel
Toilet area
ToiletPremium siphon-type fully glazed toilet
Bathing area
Shower3 in 1 function shower: main body copper
Shower screen10 mm grade tempered glass+ explosion-proof film
Commodity shelf8mm grade tempered glass*2
Towel hanging rod304 stainless steel
Electric appliance
Bath heaterwith 3 in 1 function of exhausting, heating, and lighting
LightLED light
Mood lightingroof and tray with LED mood lighting
Switchone internal and one external
Socketone internal

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