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Leading A New Era of Prefab Homes
Leading A New Era of Modular House
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Container House Used in Home
01. Home
Luxury in its simplicity. That's our philosophy. We combine highest quality, design and nature.
Container House Used in Office
We can utilize container house for temporary offices and use light steel and heavy steel structures for permanent buildings, all in order to create a comfortable working environment.
Container House Used in Construction
No matter where we are, we can have a warm and simple home.
Industrial Container House Used in Workshop for Sale
One of the Nation's Leading Suppliers of metal buildings and structures including steel carports, garages, workshops and so on.
Container House Used in Power & Energy
Our great technology is paving the way for a cleaner, sustainable future. Our modules deliver more power and greater savings on your energy bill.
Container House Used in Accommodation
We are committed to integrating the supply chain of the building materials and home furnishings industry, promoting the integrated operation of building materials and home furnishings products, and providing global customers with professional services that are convenient, reliable, and reassuring.
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Modular House Manufacturer
VHCON's Service
24 Hours Online Service
  • One-stop service experience of the whole online process.

  • VHCON's prefab homes factory  can provide you with layout drawing, 3D model.

  • Realize all your imaginations in house selection, house purchase, house use, after-sales, etc.

VHCON is not only a prefabricated house supplier, but also a promoter of the lifestyle of comfort and covenient.
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